Judy Esmond

Dr Judy Esmond

Dr Judy Esmond is a leading International Expert on volunteerism. She is one of the most in-demand speakers and has presented to 1000s of conference attendees. Dr Esmond has also toured globally presenting her innovative ideas in 100s of workshops and also held academic positions in 3 different universities – Curtin, ECU and UWA.

Dr Esmond is the author of many books on volunteering including the best-selling books – Count Me In! 501 Ideas on Recruiting Volunteers and Count On Me! 501 Ideas on Retaining, Recognizing and Rewarding Volunteers. She has been awarded numerous research grants including the first major study worldwide on Baby Boomers and Volunteering, the largest study undertaken into Volunteer Motivations, a major study on Faith Based Volunteers in Disaster Welfare and the longitudinal study into the Future Attraction, Support and Retention of Emergency Management Volunteers. Dr Esmond also has 1000s of members on her popular website filled with great ideas on volunteering at www.morevolunteers.com