Jayne Meyer Tucker

Jayne Meyer Tucker

Dr Jayne Meyer Tucker is the Founder of JMTinc. JMTinc is a cause related business that adds value to partnerships between purpose and prosperity.

Volunteer Family Connect Champion for Volunteer Family Connect (VFC). VFC is a global first combined randomised control trail and social return on investment. Volunteer Family Connect is an $8m research project delivered across three services providers, two Universities and one of the big four Corporates financially supported by a philanthropist.
Jayne is a Non-Executive Board member of The Growth Project. The Growth Project brings together emerging leaders exploring the collaborative learning between charity and business leaders that benefit society.
Jayne holds an associate position with ThinkImpact as their Thinker in Residence where Jayne has ‘eyes on the horizon whilst keeping feet on the ground’. Coupled with Jayne’s work of enabling local capacity within global footprints Jayne works closely with the new prosperity work that ThinkImpact is trail blazing.
Jayne’s former Australian Executive roles include Deputy Chairperson Community Council of Australia and CEO of Good Beginnings Australia.

Giving back:
Jayne is a key contributor to CultuRecode™ presented as a Shared Value Ecological model. CultuRecode™ is based on the ancient wisdom of Australia’s first people. CultuRecode™ is presented across behaviours that are grouped into Five Code Clusters to improve intercultural communication skills. These behaviours offer a platform and create a set of national sustainable development goals that are aligned with the UN Global Goals.