Andrew Coghlan

Andrew Coghlan
National Manager of Emergency Services
Australian Red Cross

Andrew works to promote resilience and build community capacity both in preparation for, and response to, disasters throughout Australia.
As National Manager of Emergency Services, Andrew has led the building of Australian Red Cross’ capacity and capability as a key player in emergency management within Australia. The strategic approach taken has seen a shift in emphasis for Australian Red Cross, from an important contributor supporting individuals in the immediate aftermath of disasters, to be recognised as an integral part of Australia’s emergency management arrangements with key roles, responsibilities and partnerships across all levels of government.
Andrew has played a pivotal role in coordinating the Australian Red Cross response to a number of major emergencies and disasters including Cyclone Larry (2006), the Black Saturday Victorian Bushfires (2009) and Queensland Floods and Cyclone Yasi (2011).
Prior to joining Australian Red Cross, Andrew was the National Recovery Consultant with Emergency Management Australia, providing advice to both State and Federal governments following a range of emergencies and playing a key role in coordinating recovery assistance to Australians impacted by events such as the Boxing Day Indian Ocean Tsunami (2004).